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Though scientists around the world have discovered shipwrecks dating back to Columbus's time, no one has ever located the remains of the First Fleet. In another - the Groenlendinga saga - he heard of a land in the west from an Icelandic trader, and went to find it.

In one story, on his voyage to Greenland he sailed off-course and arrived in a place he called 'Vinland', because of the abundant grapes growing there, and the general fertility of the land.

But people eventually lost interest in Vinland, because southern Greenland had a better climate. His name was Americus Vespucius.

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At the front of the ship use extra modeling clay to form a dragon head. Some historians believe that Phoenician explorers crossed the Atlantic even earlier than that.

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On 18 Augustsome weeks into his dig, a mere 12 centimetres below the surface at the center of the site, Mellgren found a small silver coin… inexperts from London examined the coin and proclaimed it Norse. Eriksson never returned to the lands in the west. Thorwald wanted to do more exploring than Eric had and his own expedition went as far as the North American mainland.

Salmon crowded the rivers and other fish filled the lakes. Discoveries In his voyage to North America, Leif Ericson proved to the other Norsemen that there was a land of plenty across the ocean. Columbus Day Schedule for U.

But being the resourceful Viking he was, Leif Erikson somehow navigated the dark and choppy waters without such helpful inventions and became the first European to step foot on North American soil. After being moved from Valladolid, Spain to Seville, his daughter-in-law requested that his body, and the body of his son, Diego, be moved across the sea to Hispaniola, and buried in a cathedral in Santo Domingo.

The proximity of the days honoring Eriksson and Columbus is coincidence. His father was the famous Viking, Eric the Red.

Approximately 20, years ago, the first Native Americans came over a land bridge between Asia and North America. Anyhow, Monday is a holiday and trading hours will adjust for that fact as usual.

Martin must be part-Viking.Nonetheless, Columbus achieved widespread, lasting fame, while Erickson is known to only a few, mostly Norwegian-Americans and “SpongeBob SquarePants” fans (Leif Erickson Day was celebrated in.

Pop quiz: who was the first person to discover North America? Hint: it’s not Christopher Columbus and definitely not John Smith.

In fact, one lesser-known explorer named Leif Erikson arrived to the New World almost years before the Santa María. Columbus Day Schedule for U.S. and Canadian stocks and bonds U.S.

Markets, Monday, October 9, Monday is a Federal bank holiday in observance of Columbus Day. Lief Erikson. A movie for you to watch: Viking Cruises on Lief Eriksson.

Leif Eriksson

While most people associate Italian explorer Christopher Columbus with the discovery of the giant landmass that we know today as North America, it’s believed that it was actually Vikings who first landed on the continent.

Most historians believe that Leif Erikson was the first European to reach the Americas. The Norse explorer is said to have reached the shores of Newfoundland some years before Columbus set sail. Some historians believe that Phoenician explorers crossed the Atlantic even earlier than that.

Whether Christopher Columbus or Leif Eriksson or someone else first discovered the New World actually misses the point. For what these intrepid travelers and their crews did was challenge the unknown. Neither Columbus nor Eriksson feareLeif Eriksson or someone else first discovered the New World actually misses the point.

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Chrisptopher columbus leif erikson
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