Scope of public adminitration

It is the public administrators who formulate long-term and perspective development plans and programmes and implement them. These two views are deals the nature of public administration.

They resemble the private companies in structure 4. Business administrators are not accountable to the public for what they do and what they fail to do.

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What is Public Administration? The scope of PA as a discipline comprises the following areas. Some modern text book writers like F. Increasingly, public policy academics and practitioners have utilized the theoretical concepts of political economy to explain policy outcomes such as the success or failure of reform efforts or the persistence of suboptimal outcomes.

In the s and s, government itself came under fire as ineffective, inefficient, and largely a wasted effort.

Nature and Scope of Public Administration

Similarly, one man moving a stone is not an administrative activity as it lacks co-operative effort by two or more people. Ensure growth, economic development. Woodrow Wilson stressed that the task of public administration was to: The integral view According to this view, administration is the sum of total of all activities-manual, clerical, technical, managerial, etc.

But very often means do influence ends. Politics should not intrude on administration; Management lends itself to scientific study; Public administration is capable of becoming a value free science in its own right; The mission of administration is economy and efficiency However, there are other scholars who hold the opposite viewpoint and have argued that there is no rigid distinction between politics and administration.

Scope of Public Administration - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Although the POSDCORB formula was useful and necessary development in the thirties, it proved to be too limited in explaining the full scope of the dynamic field of today. The various government departments and other public agencies provide various services to the people regardless of financial profit; its purpose is to promote the welfare of the people.

Accountability in public administration is enforced by means of both internal and external controls.

Public administration

It provides an element of continuity kesinambungan when governments change often in a country. On the contrary, no business firm functions under political control or direction. Approaches to study Public Administration Philosophical: To sum up, Public Administration can be defined as machinery through which a Government performs its functions.Public administration is the single most important aspect of bureaucracies across the world; be it a democratic, socialist or a capitalist state, more so in a socialist state, as all aspects of the citizen life are influenced and decided by the government.


The online Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration degree program is designed to build skills in strategy and innovative problem solving required for creative solutions to the many complex and diverse needs in public service.

Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site. Public personnel administration is an important area in the study of public administration. This branch of public administration deals with the problems of personnel employed in public organization- such as recruitment, training, compensation, promotion, discipline, retirement, morale, motivation, employer-employee relations and so on.

The canon of issues that are central to the field (i.e., the scope) reflect the efforts of these early reformers to check corrupt political machines through budgets, accounting rules, merit-based personnel practices, bureaucratic structures, and separation of administration from politics through civil service reforms.

Public Administration, therefore, simple means governmental administration. It is the study of the management of the public agencies that carry out public policies in order to fulfill the state purposes in the public interest.

Scope of public adminitration
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